Career Highlights

In the News: 25-years in the Spotlight

Ileana has covered some of the most significant news stories in the South Florida community, the nation and the world. Including the Mariel boatlift, the revolutionary wars in Central America, Miami's race riots, Cuba's Communism, nature documentaries in Peru’s Amazon rainforest and Brazil’s fossil-rich desert region, plane crashes, natural disasters, the Haitian Revolution; to 10-years covering health and medical breakthroughs.

She has garnered four EMMY Awards for excellence in writing and reporting. Is a recipient of the prestigious Dupont-Columbia Journalism award and the George Foster Peabody Award..both as Health Anchor for team coverage during Hurricane Andrew.

She has reported on wars in Latin America, conditions in Haiti and broadcast a personal memoir on Cuba. Her in-depth medical special for NBC Miami, entitled ‘How We Age’ was recognized for excellence by her peers.

Additionally, Ileana has been awarded first place from the Florida Medical Association for ‘Excellence in Medical Journalism’. The American Cancer Society has recognized her with an award of excellence for “strengthening the mission to prevent cancer and save lives.”

Besides her own journalistic activities, Ileana has been tapped as a media trainer for MasterCard Worldwide, Baptist Health Systems, the University of Miami School of Medicine/Jackson Health Systems and Miami Children’s Hospital. Mount Sinai Medical Center utilized her talents for a video training series in both English and Spanish meant to help train and educate all new employees at the medical center.

Ileana has served as spokesperson for a number of television advertising campaigns, including AvMed's Amanezca Saludable, Broward Health System's Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, as well as the BHS Cancer Center.  In 2002 she served as commercial spokesperson on NBC Miami for Whole Foods Market, as well as host of A Natural Break for Delmonte Fresh Foods.

As a natural outgrowth of her medical reporting, Ileana has been involved with many health related organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association where she served hosted segments from South Florida. She is also the founder and president of American Patients Association. Its’ mission is to advocate and help consumers find simple and affordable health care solutions.

Giving back to her community is a vital part of Ileana’s life and philosophy. She has served in leadership roles with the American Red Cross, Miami Museum of science and Planetarium, Jackson Memorial Foundation, American Heart Association, United Way, Women of Tomorrow, Women in Community Service and various other organizations including Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.